We hatched a plan.

Yolk Ideas exists to help you clarify your message and discover innovative ways to get that message out to your customers. We are Michael and Susan Ferrari. We've found over the years, that when people talk to us about their businesses, they feel better. We want you to feel better, too!


Let's crack the egg...

We can help you unlock the power of your brand through the process of discovering your voice.

Our unique combination of assessments and data will help you connect with who you are underneath - and the message you want to share!

We want to help you crack the egg so you can bring your best ideas to the world.

Yolk's Folks

We love people. Every person is a statistical miracle and we love that we get to help individuals realize their fullest potential. Ideas are great and it's a worthy endeavor to be better at them, but remember: your idea is not your differentiator. You are.


Michael Ferrari

Sales and Strategy

I get excited when I hear new ideas and dreams. I get even more excited when I have the chance to partner with others to see those ideas and dreams become realities. This is where I am in my sweet spot. I can't wait to work with you! - M


Susan Ferrari

Strategy and Implementation

I really like uncovering the thoughtful side of a brand and creating new ways to share the heartbeat of our customers. When I get to help others communicate their passion, it just makes me happy! -S

The Five Steps

Learning the five steps of ideation is absolutely essential to becoming a highly prolific creator of effective ideas.