Tune In

How tuned in to YOU are you? With the world always showing you who you could/should be, how tuned in to you are you? Learning to tune in and actually listen to the inner music is essential to functioning at your full potential.

How tuned in are you to your strengths? Your quirks? Your likes? Are you tuned in to your natural abilities? This is the music of you. This is the song you have for the world. It’s yours. It’s unique and it is 100% needed. We don’t need another “them” song. We need yours.

Listen: is not only external

“Lead with your ears, follow up with your tongue”. Listen to what the quiet voice inside of you is communicating to you. It is speaking. We’re sure of it. It’s waiting on you to pay it some attention. You can do this simply by observing yourself.

Pay attention to the decisions you make. –– to the way you spend your time. ask yourself what you are drawn to. What are the common threads? These are the strands of the theme of you. This is your voice. This is you speaking to you. Listen. These secrets of you are trying to tell you something.

We don’t deny that hearing yourself, in and around others, can be a challenge. The world around us can seem more intriguing to listen to and will, most often, seem much louder than your inner you. However, use a set of very specific tools to help you better quiet the outer world in order to better hear the inner you.

Why does any of this matter?

When looking for a company to meet their needs, customers are very much aware of which brands have ears to hear, and which ones just like to hear themselves talk. The idea that you can build a culture, a team, a brand voice, a company that truly hears the needs of their customers, without doing the inner work to tune in to yourself is farcical. If you want to project these positive traits, you must first embody them.


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