Get a Better Brain: self-care starts in your mind.

We are an idea company. We want you to be the very best version of yourself — identifying problems, finding ingenious solutions, innovating and creating — an ideation professional! A simple set of evaluations can set you on the path of understanding your unique wiring, skills and ways of thinking. Together, these will help you become the uniquely creative person you were born to be.

The problem 

Have you ever been speaking in front of a group of co-workers when suddenly, you start tripping over your words? Maybe you were illustrating an important point at the conference room whiteboard when, out of nowhere, you find you can’t spell. Does it ever feel like your mind just up and quits on you?

We’ve all had those baffling and sometimes embarrassing moments. It’s puzzling when ordinary tasks become suddenly difficult or impossible in the clutch — and it can make us feel like we need a better brain.

Get a better brain

Your ability to adapt and respond to your average work day can be greatly improved. Many people don’t even realize that they have a cognitive delay or inhibited executive function, but most of us do.

These issues can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. When challenged or confronted with a difficult task or relational situation, our brain will automatically descend into a default response. This is called “executive escape”. Your default response may be frustration or embarrassment — maybe your ears get hot and your cheeks flushed, or you are overcome by an uncontrolled sense of retaliatory anger — either way, this is a primal “fight or flight” reaction that you experience when your brain isn’t timed and properly communicating with itself.

Hemispheres, Corp. 

The Hemispheres Corp. Cognitive Function Evaluation is an assessment of your synaptic timing, hemispheric delays and other neurologic functions. This unique evaluation gives you a snapshot of how your brain processes inputs and sends command outputs – essentially helping you understand how you understand the world around you.

The evaluation results and associated therapy recommendations are a record of what you will be exploring and working on with your cognitive therapy doctor.

This evaluation is highly tailored to each person — no two brains are alike and therefore, no two sets of results and therapy regimes will be exactly the same.

In a culture that is becoming more aware of the need for self-care, it’s a wonder that we don’t have a more open and honest discourse about mental self-care. Studies and emerging science have shown that the key to curing many of our culturally accepted maladies such as, the inability to break and form habits, entrapment in addictions and multiple neurologic disorders can be lessened and even solved completely through cognitive therapy.

These simple exercises can, when engaged consistently over time, improve your ability to process and solve problems more quickly, dramatically improve executive function including snap-decision making and even impact the individual’s ability to participate in teaming.

So What?

Why does any of this matter to the average person? What will be different in a real world context? Well, easy — problem solving is the most frequently executed creative task carried out by every person, every day. You don’t have to be an artist to use creativity. You don’t have to be a “genius” to make fantastic ideas. In fact, we argue that everyone uses creativity everyday in every situation. Remember, creativity is simply seeing relationships between disparate concepts or elements to form solutions

If you are behind the curve, not to quick on the uptake, lagging behind in your ability to process information and come up with a solution, that’s a major issue — wouldn’t you say? Maybe this is just the kind of self-care you need for this new year.

Do you want to get on a path to making your brain into an unstoppable idea machine?

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