Ideas, like friendships, are fluid

It can be hard in the midst of the hustle to step away. It may feel like the work is never done. There’s always more to do. But we find that when we make time to break and connect we are always better off. Friendship is a lifeline. Getting away for the day with a friend, meeting up after work hours just to connect, laugh, and cry. This is the stuff. We all need this. Friendship keeps us even-keeled.

Ideas are much like friendship. They take consistent investment and tireless vigilance to grow. Hyman Rickover famously said, “New ideas aren’t adopted automatically, they are driven into practice with courageous patience.” This is so deeply and intuitively true. While we are used to bite-sized friendships and tagline length ideas, these are only micro-expressions of the more complex reality. These things cannot be boiled down, simplified, underemphasized or sped up, for when we try, the results are cheaper. Our friendships are not as rich when we cut corners, our ideas are not as effective when rushed, our worldview is less complete when we look at only one side of the story.

Let’s take the time and effort to have better, more complete relationships, ideas, answers, viewpoints and solutions. The world can only benefit and we will be richer for it.

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