Trust Me: What truly creates a positive working environment?

One of the biggest questions facing the working class today is all over the news. You may not see it in the simplest of terms. It may sound like, sexual harassment, predatory behavior, assault, and other horrible acts of aggression. But underneath it all is one fundamental concept: trust.

At Yolk, we love ideas. We believe that a single idea, implemented with discipline and grace, can change the entire culture of an environment.

When we read these articles and accounts detailing the unacceptable behaviors that seem rampant in the realms of entertainment, politics and the corporate world, we begin to turn the magnifying glass on our own behavior. Am I harassing people? Am I saying and doing inappropriate things to those around me? We can easily dismiss those questions when we realize we haven’t done anything unethical or illegal.

But there’s a question that requires our willingness, thoughtfulness, even courage, to take a closer look at ourselves:

“Am I trustworthy?”

This is the true metric for how you are making others feel in the workplace. Do the words you speak and looks you give engender a sense of confidence and safety in the hearts and minds of the people around you? Can they trust you?

Trust is the ability to believe the best.

Of course, trust is a person’s basic belief about the world. Your relationships are the ornaments that hang on the limbs of the trust tree. We realize its a huge topic and can’t be boiled down or summed up in a short internet article. But you can take one simple step today that will begin to reorient your understanding of trust and change the way those around you think about you.

One of the simplest ways to begin ensuring that you are being the fine, upstanding person you were made to be is thinking through how you talk about others. If your office mates know you would never say anything negative, derogatory or disparaging about them behind their back, it will go a long way to inspire that trust. So in the spirit of contributing to a safer, and more holistically enjoyable workplace, today we had some thoughts about gossip.

1. Gossip is typically thought of as a feminine issue, but dudes, you know this one is on you too.

2. Nothing healthy grows from gossip. You will reap things, but not those things you desire most or inspire you or aspire to.

3. Gossip is always only partly true, best case scenario— it’s 50% truth / 50% hearsay. Those aren’t great betting odds, so why bet your reputation on it?

4. It’s the surest way to create a culture of distrust. People know if you talk about others to them, most likely you’ll talk about them to others. Gossip breaks trust. And trust is the foundation of a healthy culture— work, home, or otherwise.

5. It’s petty. It’s small. And you aren’t. Your existence, my friend, defines the odds. You had a 1 in 4 quadrillion chance of existing [check this fun article by lifehack…/what-are-the-odds-you-existing-al… ] yet here you are. So live great!

Remember: When trust is low, cost is high. And gossip is too high a price to pay. So keep it congenial today, people!

“Small minds discuss people;

average minds discuss events;

Great minds discuss ideas.”

—Eleanor Roosevelt

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